Optical Power Meter
MODEL 228 238
PC remote controllable with RS-232C interface
MODEL 228 238 Easy operation with test results on your PC

Model 228 :for POF and GI fiber
Wavelengths 660, 780, 820 and 850nm

Model 238 :for GI and SM fiber
Wavelengths 820, 850, 1310 and 1550nm


Model 228 (for short wavelength) 238 (for long wavelength)
Calibrated Wavelengths(nm) 660,780,820,850 820,850,1310,1550
Measuring Range(dBm) -70 to +14.7dBm
(100pW to 30mW)
-70 to +4.7dBm
(100pW to 3mW)
Accuracy ±0.20dB(±5%)
at 850nm,-20dBm
at 1310nm,-20dBm
Analog output 0 to 3V
Interface RS-232C
Si photodiode Si photodiode
(8mm dia.)
InGaAs photodiode
(1mm dia.)
Resolution dBm:0.01dB; dB:0.001dB(>=-50dBm),0.01dB(<-50dBm)
Fiber type POF,GI(850nm) GI,SM
Functions W/dBm/dB(REL), auto-zeroing, Data hold(when operated by RS-232C), etc.
Display 41/2digit LCD(30000 counts)
Power supply Battery (UM-3)/4 pcs. or optional AC adapter
Battery life 30 hours(at light source/backlight off)
0~40°C, 0-80% non-condensing
Dimension/Weight 90(W)*190(H)*45(D)mm,450g(including battery)

Standard Accessories

Connector adaptor Model 180-SC

2 pcs.
Analog output plug 1 pc.
Batteries (AA) 4 pcs.
Hard carrying case 1 pc.
Plug for RS-232C cable 1 pc.
Blind cap 1 pc.
Instruction manual 1 pc.

Optional Accessories

Connector Adapter

180 series
Light Source Units 310 series.

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