Optical Network Test Kits
Loss Test Kit for singlemode and multimode
Versatile configurations with built-in type light source units for LED&LD

Wavelengths :
850nm,1310nm and 1550nm

Interchangeable adapters FC, SC, ST
and LC


Description Model Q'ty
Power Meter 230 1
LED Light Source Unit
310-085LS 1
LED Light Source Unit
310-131LS 1
LD Light Source Unit
310-131LD 1
LD Light Source Unit
310-155LD 1
Connector Adapter 180-FC 2
Connector Adapter 180-SC 2
Connector Adapter 180-ST 2
Connector Adapter 180-LC 2
Connector Adapter 181-SC 1
Connector Adapter 181-FC 1
Connector Adapter 181-ST 1
CLETOP(Reel type) ---- 1
CLETOP(Stick type. blue φ1.25) ---- 20
CLETOP(Stick type. white φ2.5) ---- 12
Carrying Bag 199-CBA 1

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