Mini Series
MINI LIGHT SOURCE 351 352 362 363
Ultra small and light weight LED and LD
MODEL 351 352 362 363
Auto power-off function after 10 min.

Only 1 Ni-Cd battery drive

One button modulation CW/2kHz/1kHz/270Hz


LED Light Source LD Light Source
Model 351 352 362 363
Wavelength 850
Fiber GI SM
Output >-25dBm >-30dBm >-5dBm >-5dBm
Spectral Half Width =<45nm =<140nm =<10nm =<10nm
Instant Stability#1 <0.02dB <0.02dB <0.05dB <0.05dB
Stability#2 <0.4dB <0.4dB <0.4dB <0.4dB
Output Mode CW,2kHz,1kHz,270Hz
Connector SC standard(180-SC) SC standard(181-SC)
Function Auto Power Off
Power Supply UM-3(AA)Battery*1pc.
Power Consumption Approx. 300mW
Battery Life Approx. 2hours(CW mode,Manganese Battery)
Operating Temp. 0~40 degC,80%RH(non-condensing)
Storage Temp. -20~50 degC,80%RH(non-condensing)
Dimension 61(W)*99(H)*22(D)mm(Main unit)
65(W)*120(H)*24(D)mm(with covering case)
Weight approx. 130g
(Including battery,covering case & connector adaptor)
#1: When using photom standard fiber at a uniform temperature between 0~40 degC for 1hour.
#2: When using photom standard fiber between 0~40 degC for 12hours.

Standard Accessories

Connector adaptor Model 180/181-SC

1 pc.
UM-3 (AA) Batteries 1 pc.
Covering case 1 pc.
Instruction manual 1 pc.

Optional Accessories

Connector Adapter

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